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Different types of fabrics for roller shades

Finding the right type of fabric for your window treatment.

Regardless of the kind of treatment you are looking for: roller shades, roman shades, drapes, sliding panel, etc. fabric selection plays an essential role in the function of and looks of your window covering.

When it comes to fabric selection for your window treatments sometimes there’s no easy way to choose the right material for the looks or application you might be looking for.

Basic fabric types:

Sunscreens: one of the most popular and ubiquitous materials as the name implies this fabric acts as a sunscreen that blocks the sun but lets you keep the view.

Light Filtering: this is a kind of intermediate material between a sunscreen and a blackout. This material allows light to pass through while keeping some amount of privacy

Blackouts: this one is really easy to explain, this is a light blocking material that provides full privacy and does not allow any amount of light to pass trough.


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