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One of the most recurrent questions that I get all the time is:

What’s the difference between INSIDE and OUTSIDE mount ? or How do you think it looks better ?


Well there’s no exact answer for this question, sometimes is a matter of functionality while other times it simply comes to aesthetics.


Options for mounting


Depending on the type of treatment  you are trying to install (blind, shade , honeycomb, etc) each product has a minimum mounting depth  for a partially recessed look and a minimum mounting depth for a flush look.  


Advantages of INSIDE mount


  • Clean “flush” look inside the window casing , great option if you want to showcase your window trim.


  • If your window is deep enough you can install the treatment all the way back and keep some  space in the front of the window treatment for placing plants or other items on the window sill.


Advantages of OUTSIDE mount


  • Since the treatment covers part of the window trim you have more control over light and more privacy


  • Can be installed on the ceiling or higher than the window for unobstructed view when the treatment is fully raised


  • Clear obstacles like handles and cranks that are not compatible with INSIDE mount


  • Hide not attractive  window trim


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