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Designer Roller Shades

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Roller Shades are the top window treatment option for the  vast majority of window styles and floor to ceiling glass walls.  Roller shades can provide the right balance between interior privacy and outside view.

Roller shades can be designed with a wide array of beautiful light filtering, sunscreen, blackout and heat insulating fabrics.

Commercial Roller Shades


Understanding Roller Shades

Roller shades are the most reliable type of window covering. Roller shades have only 4 main components: Brackets, metal tube, fabric panel and a moving mechanism.


A pair of metal / aluminum brackets one for each side of the shade.

Metal tube

A metal / aluminum tube needed for the fabric to roll up and down while wrapping / unwrapping this metal tube. This tube is never exposed and is always covered by some extra layers of fabric.

Fabric panel

A fabric panel is attached to the metal tube, when the tube rolls the fabric attached to the tube moves up or down based on the tube rolling direction. This fabric panel is the most fundamental and visible part of a roller shade. The fabric type and color is selected by the customer based on personal, aesthetics and privacy concerns.

Moving mechanism

There’s 2 main types of operating mechanisms for roller shades:


A motorized roller shade is operated by a fully automated, rechargeable tubular motor inserted into shade’s metal tube, this motor rotates and makes the shade move up and down, the motor can be operated via remote control, smartphone or voice control.



A manual roller shade is operated by a small circular piece called a clutch inserted into the shade’s internal metal tube, this clutch has a metal chain attached to it, by manually pulling this chain the customer makes the shade move up and down.

*Depending on shade size and weight some shades must be motorized because a small metal chain is not strong enough to operate a shade after certain weights / sizes.

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