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As of Today, roller shades remain one of the most basic, versatile and reliable window treatments for architectural and commercial projects.

Why roller shades?

Simplicity is defined as “the quality or condition of being easy to understand or do.” When it comes to roller shades it doesn’t get any much simpler than this, it’s just a matter of up or down. 

Another thing to be considered is window frame space. Roller shades can practically fit in a vast selection of window frames and floor to ceiling glass walls while still keeping a low profile form factor and an unobstructed view of outside surroundings when the shade is rolled up.

Many options with a unique system. The main function of any kind of window treatment is to control sunlight, provide a certain level of privacy while also achieving a good degree of energy efficiency. All of the previously mentioned can be perfectly achieved with a well-designed implementation of roller shades. The amount of Sunscreen, Blackout and high-performance Heat reflecting fabrics available for roller shades is vast and diverse. 

After pricing, reliability is without a doubt the most sought-after attribute for the components of any large scale real state or commercial project. When designers and architects are working with large scale commercial projects one of the main goals is reducing the number of components required to make systems works. Roller shades have four main components: an aluminum tube, a piece of fabric, a pair of brackets and a moving mechanism. A very basic setup that makes for a reliable, fail-safe product. 


Fast Manufacturing Lead times

 Roller shades offer a highly competitive advantage when it comes to fast-paced time-sensitive projects. The manufacturing process for roller shades it’s streamlined, simple and fail-proof. Basic yet time tested components are used for roller shade manufacturing ensuring raw material is easily and readily available on customer demand. If for any reason something needs to be changed to meet a certain specification this can be done in a fast manner.

Energy efficiency  

 Green energy is not a thing of the future in fact it is our present. Building codes, regulations, and architectural standards dictate how efficient certain buildings must be in order to achieve desired energy certifications. Depending on customer requirements roller shades can be manufactured using application-specific high-performance fabrics.

 End-user experience

 The reason for everything, every product, any project is the final user. Given how easy, intuitive and familiar it is to operate roller shades, there’s not a lot of explanation or user orientation involved. By reducing doubts and questions you put less stress on your final users which in turn can lead to great user experience.

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